How can you help with the website?

Helping with the sources

Hitch was very active and it is almost impossible to – for example – know every newspaper or magazine where he contributed at least one article or to find every obituary written about him. Therefore it would be great to have some people who could fill the gaps of my knowledge and help me with the sources.


Also I should be doing new things to the website to make it better (like some sort of membership which could allow members to mark they favourite posts or some sort of watch/read it later thing) and feedback could be helpful.


Helping with dank memes and Facebook cover photos.

Mistakes, errors, grammar etc.

I am not native english speaker, neither am I faultless. So there will be (grammatical/factual/whatever) mistakes.


Do you know what is this website lacking? What could make it better? Are you sharing all this information with me?

Linking, Liking and Sharing

You have your own website, blog or social media profile? Link to this estabilishment. Share this web with your friends. Write an article about it. Like this site on facebook.

Where you can help?

If you are really interested… Please join this facebook group and/or send me an e-mail through contact form.