Facebook Groups dedicated to Christopher Hitchens

As of October 2015…

Christopher Hitchens Appreciation Society

Biggest fb group – over 12k members. People are very active there. Real name of admin is probably Ayn Rand, cause this group is not regulated. Lot of spam (and also a lot of post and comments where people complain about that – like it would change anything). Folks there are sharing pictures from satiric FB pages (like Christians for Michele Bachmann and Southern Baptists for Todd Kincannon) and acting like it is real. Everything bad is done either by Democrats or Republicans. Muslim immigrants are either completely evil or this whole thing is fault of The West (and especially USA) and/or colonialism. Also, there are conspiracies. Maybe it’s not THAT bad, but I am growing tired of this BS. Enter At Your Own Risk!


Christopher Hitchens appreciation society.

Second biggest community on facebook – around 3500 life forms. Few post a day at most.


The Christopher Hitchens Forum for current and past affairs

For people who like fancy names and Tyrion Lannister. As much as 1700 humanoids that are not that much active.



Over 1400 facebook profiles. Seems to be the second most active.


Christopher Hitchens Meme

124 members that would rather spread memes than genes?


The Elite Christopher Hitchens Society

34 constituents including my elite self…


Christopher Hitchens Appreciation Academy

We will see…


Bonus group:

Solidarity to Kurdistan

Pretty active group with 212 members. Must see for people interested in Kurdish question. Also news about Assad’s Syria, Erdogan’s Turkey, Putin’s Russia, Islamic State and western foreign policy.


PS: I also formed my own group, but it seems that there are enough open discussion platforms for fans of the Hitch (well, maybe I could do a Forum.HitchensSurvives.com). So… I will use it for people, who want to help with this website.